Texas Slips to Number Four in CNBC Rankings

For the first time in 11 years, CNBC ranked Texas outside of the top two in America’s Top States for Business.

In fact, Texas came in fourth. Washington came in first, followed by Georgia and Minnesota, respectively. More than 60 areas of competitiveness were sliced, diced and measured.

The state’s losses in the energy sector have affected the unemployment rate, but I think we’ve all seen numerous efforts to diversify. Unfortunately, quality of life ranked 37th and education ranked 39th. I feel strongly that we can do better.

Nevertheless, Texas was still described as a “juggernaut.” The state ranked first in areas such as infrastructure and work force. It also ranked in the top 10 for access to capital and cost of living.

Texas may have slipped two places in the overall rankings, but I believe we have cause for real optimism as we look toward the future.