A Cop and a Musician Walk Into Our Office …


It sounds like the beginning of a good joke, but Jimmy Williams and Jamey Ice are the real deal – and we are thrilled to be working with them.

Jimmy is in fact a Fort Worth detective, and Jamey is an active member of the Green River Ordinance band. The two are co-owners of a real estate development firm in Fort Worth, and have been renovating houses in the Fairmont neighborhood since 2014.

Along with 6th Ave Homes, and a brokerage firm, Jimmy and Jamey are partnering with Fort Construction to renovate an industrial space at 411 S. Main Street in Fort Worth. The building will feature four mini-retail units along with a 4,000 SF restaurant, a 5,000 SF event space, and a 6th Ave Homes fixtures and furniture store.

The most engaging thing about Jimmy and Jamey is not the success of their home renovations, or the opening of a brokerage firm, or even the renovation of an 18,000 SF warehouse – it’s their commitment to adding value to the neighborhood and networking with other local business owners.

We appreciate the opportunity to partner with these two as they bring another building back to life in South Fort Worth. We’ll keep you updated on our progress.