South Main Street Becoming Popular Again

Anyone on or near South Main Street in Fort Worth has earned a medal in patience. For months, the city of Fort Worth had the street torn up in order to repave and stripe it. Sidewalks were widened, trees were planted, and lampposts were added.

The $8.6 million in improvements included a one-mile portion that ran between Vickery and Magnolia – which is right around the corner from our office.

Since the street has been reopened, South Main is seeing something of a resurgence. We’re currently renovating an industrial space at 411 South Main. The new space will feature four mini-retail units along with a 4,000 SF restaurant, a 5,000 SF event space, and a 6th Ave Homes fixtures and furniture store. And that’s just one project among many!

The Fort Worth Star-Telegram recently took a closer look at South Main, and I have provided a link if you’d like to read more.  We are excited to see new life being breathed into this area, and look forward to welcoming many more new business owners and residents.