Ryder Facility in Saginaw is Underway


Fort Construction is currently building a new Ryder rental and maintenance facility in Saginaw. This facility will handle and maintain 1500 Ryder trucks and trailers of all types.

Located at 1325 Triad Blvd in Saginaw, the main building will have offices and a driver’s lounge. The maintenance building will include 13 full bays and a wash bay that can accommodate a full tractor and trailer. There will also be a three bay fuel island for their trucks. In addition, we are installing about 400,000 SF of parking and drive payment.

Eugene Warren worked on the Ryder facility in Grapevine, and he is our Superintendent on this project as well. Mark Campos is the Project Manager, and Cody Warren is the Project Engineer. Our completion date is slated for late December.

We would like to thank Ryder for the opportunity to partner with them again!