Grubbs Infiniti Experiencing Incredible Growth

Grubbs Infiniti, located at Highway 121 and Texan Trail in Grapevine, began operating in March 2015.  Since then, according to George Grubbs III, they have experienced an amazing amount of growth in sales and service.

Here’s what Mr. Grubbs had to share:

“The new location was obviously a good decision.  From the day we opened this dealership, we were the world’s largest Infiniti dealership, measured by the square feet of our building footprint.  With our growth over the past 12 months, we are also the world’s largest Infiniti dealership in sales, measured by 2016 sales through June.

As for our customers, they are wowed by this dealership.  I get comments all the time that we don’t look or feel like a car dealership but more like an art gallery or a high-end hotel lobby.  Other comments include how clean it is – which translates to the clean design and high-end finishes.  In addition, guests tell me that it’s very comfortable and relaxing.  I think that’s due to the openness and multiple gathering spaces.

Our architect, Jim Stephenson, was able to take the design elements required by Infiniti – along with our desires – and create a dealership like no other.

As with all construction projects, there are usually things you wish you would have done differently.  With this project, there isn’t a single thing I would change.

The only thing we didn’t plan for?  We didn’t expect this much growth and I wish I would have built a bigger dealership!  So, we are now in the planning stages of a remodel to create additional offices and extra space for our younger guests.  And, we wouldn’t have anyone else do this project other than Fort Construction.”

We are tremendously grateful to the Grubbs for allowing us to be a part of this project.  It has been our pleasure to work alongside Jim Stephenson and the Grubbs family.  We look forward to helping with the remodel, and wish them continued success.

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