Best Maid Pickles Celebrates 90 Years

There aren’t many people who plant a cucumber patch then go on to celebrate 90 years in business.  But that’s what happened to Jessie and Mildred Dalton.

Mildred was known for her pastries and homemade mayonnaise, but a decision to add pickle relish to a sandwich spread, would change their future.  When her relish supplier raised prices, she decided to plant her own cucumbers.

A bumper crop inspired the couple to make pickles and with that, their pickle dynasty was born.  Their products did well, and in 1925, they opened a small production facility in Fort Worth.  After 20 years, and an increase in demand, the Dalton’s moved to an even bigger facility on Riverside Drive.

Incredibly, Best Maid Pickles is still a family affair and they’re celebrating their 90th anniversary.  Congratulations to the Dalton family and everyone at Best Maid for reaching this amazing milestone.