Welcome the Newest Member of Our Team


Sept. 22, 2014

Fort Construction is pleased to introduce our new Estimator, Jayson Rodriguez.

Originally from Fresno, California, Jayson earned a degree in Mechanical Engineering from the Wentworth Institute of Technology in Boston, Massachusetts. He has the spent the last 12 years working in various positions in the construction industry, including Superintendent, Project Manager and Estimator.

This was an easy hire for us. Jayson is exceedingly intelligent, has an excellent background in the construction industry, and has a great attitude. After giving him about ten minutes to settle in, we had him start on conceptual budgeting, which  includes looking over plans, estimating the work that needs to be done, then pricing the project.

Jayson’s fiancée, Jeanna, and their two sons, Brennden and Wyatt, will be making the move to Fort Worth in about a month. When asked if the boys were nervous about leaving the Central Valley, he says, they were at first, but now they’re excited. Jayson’s case for making the move was markedly improved when the boys found out LEGOLAND was located in nearby Grapevine.

He should fit in just fine. Jayson is an admitted gearhead and looks forward to getting out to Texas Motor Speedway for two Nascar races each year. If he’s delayed in returning your call in early November or early April, you’ll know why.