We Bought a Steer, Part 2

Once again, the Fort Worth Stock Show and Rodeo employees, volunteers, and participants can all take a well-deserved round of applause. It remains one of Fort Worth’s premiere events.

As many of you know, junior participants show steers, barrows, lambs, and goats in the livestock shows.  A number of the animals are purchased with the proceeds helping the kids pay for college tuition, or for the maintenance and upkeep of their animals.

As Bidder Number 188, our own Ken Evans joined forces with Don Marable of Edward Jones, and purchased an American Crossbred steer. The steer belonged to Andrew Broz, who lives in Veribest, Texas – not far from San Angelo.

The amount of work these kids put into caring for their animals is astonishing. We congratulate Andrew on his dedication and hard work. He did a terrific job!

Ken was so excited, he wanted to put the steer in the back of his GMC truck and give it to his wife for Valentine’s Day. My understanding is that Mrs. Evans quickly vetoed the idea.




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