Update on Audi Dealership in Grapevine

We are pleased with the progress on the new Audi dealership in Grapevine. So pleased, we asked Bartley’s BBQ to stop by and provide lunch while we offered tours through the facility.

When all is said and done, the 62,000 SF facility will host a number of unique features. Here’s a few of them:

  • Audi Sport area in the main showroom
  • One wall will resemble a race track
  • Large waiting area for those dropping off their car for service
  • Men’s and women’s locker room for the techs
  • Break rooms for the sales staff as well as the techs
  • New Car Delivery features a panel light ceiling with 130 LED strip lights
  • The office area will have a metal ceiling

We would like to thank our Superintendent Danny Still and Project Manager Mark Campos for overseeing and managing the construction. And thank you to the rest of our employees and our sub-contractors for their hard work. Our expected completion date is mid-March.