Thank You Colonial for Helping Our Community

The Colonial is one of the most treasured sporting events that takes place in Fort Worth.  Ken Evans, myself, and a number of our employees attend the PGA Tour event every year and always have a great time.

Aside from the golf – and realizing my tee shot could use a ton of work – the Colonial, local non-profit groups, volunteers, attendees and local businesses work very hard to raise money for charity.  2015 was no different.

Recently, the Colonial announced they raised more than $9 million from last year’s tournament activities and initiatives, including just over $8 million from “Birdies for Charity.”  That’s an astonishing total and better yet, 33 local non-profit organizations benefited from the money raised.

We would like to congratulate the Colonial and all those who participate and donate for making our community a better place.  Job well done!