Teens Helping Arlington Residents

After reading an article about teens helping residents in Arlington, I wanted to give them a quick shout out.

Every year, teens from around North Texas volunteer a few days of their summer to join Work Camp. Work Camp partners with the City of Arlington’s code compliance field officers to identify homes that have received a violation from the city.

Due to family obligations or health issues, some residents cannot bring their homes up to code, and that’s when Work Camp steps in. Over the last 20 years, this group has worked on 273 houses.

Their outside maintenance work includes landscaping, painting and woodwork. The photo above shows a home that had been overgrown by vegetation. The group spent the better part of a day cutting down trees and shrubs then painted the front porch.

This year, they had 181 students who worked on eight houses. Not only do they volunteer their time, but they pay $60 to enroll – and that money goes toward work supplies.

I wanted to recognize these wonderful teens and thank them for their efforts. This is a terrific service for Arlington residents who may not be able to tackle this kind of work. Bravo Work Camp volunteers!