Subcontractor Forms

Forms for subcontractors are posted below. If you have any questions, please call us at 817-885-7979. Completed forms may be faxed to us at 817-885-7977.

Subcontractor Invoice Template (18.1kb XLSX)
The Subcontractor must fill out and submit this invoice to Fort Construction for payment. All invoices for monthly requests for payment must contain the information contained in this form. Requests for payment will not be processed unless this information is available. Fort Construction will also accept the standard Subcontractor’s Application for Payment as prepared by the AGC, NECA, MCAA and NAPHCC.

Subcontractor Schedule of Values Template (12.4kb XLSX)
Subcontractors are to use this form along with the Subcontractor Application for Payment as back up to show project progress and a break out of costs.

Subcontractor Change Order Template (12.4kb XLSX)

Workers Compensation Form (69kb PDF)
Fort Construction must have a new Workers Compensation Form from every Subcontractor for each job reflecting that individual job’s information.

Acord Certificate of Liability Insurance Form (396.1kb PDF)
Sample document

W-9 (49.9kb PDF)

Fort Construction Safety Requirements (124.3kb PDF)
Fort Construction requires this Safety Requirements document signed by every Subcontractor for each new job.