Population Gets Bigger in Texas


As a general contractor in North Texas, we are always keeping an eye on economic indicators. Recently, there were some eye-popping numbers provided by the Census Bureau. Per the usual, everything is bigger in Texas, including our population.

Over the course of 2017, Texas added almost 400,000 residents, the most of any state. To give you a sense of that number, the state added the equivalent of the entire population of Arlington. So where did all these folks come from?

  • Births: more than 209,000
  • People from other countries: over 110,000
  • People from other states: just over 79,000


The State of Texas is second when it comes to the most populous states with more than 28 million residents. California tops the list with 39.5 million residents, and Florida is in third with just under 21 million.

We would like to welcome our newest residents!