Jet Linx Fort Worth Office Complete


Jet Linx is ready to move into their new office space at Fort Worth’s Meacham Airport.  The 4,150 SF space is leased from American Aero Corporation, located on North Main Street.  With the guidance of Good Fulton & Ferrell architects, we created a conference room, a large open area with galley kitchen, and individual offices for clerical work and flight planning.

We performed all the work inside – from floor to ceiling – including the walls, carpet, tile, sliding glass doors, counter tops and cabinetry.  The glass on the exterior is called View Dynamic Glass, and adjusts its tint throughout the day to optimize the indoor climate and the outside view.

Jet Linx has more than 13 locations across the country, providing their customers access to a private jet on a guaranteed basis.  Jet Linx offers Light, Midsize, Super Midsize and Heavy Jets.  If you’d like more information on their fractional jet ownership and usage plans, you can contact them

Welcome to Fort Worth!

JetLinx AreaJetLinx Conf Rm