How to Choose a Commercial Contractor

This very topic may lead you to reach for two Advil and something stronger than water, but it doesn’t have to.

Ken Evans, Senior Partner and Director d Construction Services for Fort Construction, suggests people consider the following when choosing a commercial contractor:

1. Hire someone you trust. You should always ask for references and more importantly, check those references. Do they have repeat business from their clients? Were they a nightmare to deal with? Did they do previous projects on time and within a budget?

2. Do not base your selection solely on price. The lowest bid may be cheap for a reason. Refer back to #1.

3. Pick a contractor that knows the local sub-contractor market. It’s important to know which sub-contractors are qualified and the most cost-effective for your specific project.

The bad news? If you’re in the middle of a contractor quagmire, there’s usually no easy remedy. The good news? You never have to find yourself in the middle of a nightmare if you take the time to find a reputable contractor and check their references.