GE Makes 1,000th Locomotive

GE workers, company officials and special guests recently celebrated the completion of their 1000th locomotive.

The facility, located at 114 and Texas Farm Road 156, near Texas Motor Speedway, has been in operation since 2012.  Despite a slump in the railroad industry, orders for the fuel-efficient locomotives continue coming in at a steady pace.

The locomotive, which came off the line in early July, was ordered by the Canadian National Railway – one of 50.  I was reading in the Star-Telegram that the fuel-efficient Evolution Tier 4 is GE’s first “vehicle” that meets stringent federal emissions standards, and they’re the only manufacturer who currently produces this model.

Amazingly, the workers, now totaling around 700, build and complete 10 locomotives per week.  We offer our congratulations on their hard work in reaching this milestone.

Great job GE!

GE Locomotive