Bart Shaw Chosen to Update Boys & Girls Clubs of Fort Worth

Architect Bart Shaw may be getting a few more phone calls than he’s used to – and for good reason.  He not only won four awards from the AIA Fort Worth, he was recently featured on the front page of the Star Telegram’s “Life & Arts” section.  Now, Shaw has been selected to design and update the entrances to six different branches of the Boys & Girls Clubs of Greater Fort Worth.

Shaw – who stepped out on his own four years ago – described his decision to open his own business as “taking a dive off the high board.”  And with that leap, he’s been able to connect with his clients.  He says, his strength is being able to listen to what his client needs, see it through their eyes, then look at all the possibilities and figure out what really works.

And what about the four awards he just received from the AIA FW?  Shaw says, the awards may not make a difference as far as gaining new clients, but they matter to him personally because it reinforces his confidence, and the idea that he’s doing something that has value.

He’ll have a chance to add value to the Boys & Girls Clubs of Greater Fort Worth which have six different locations.  Besides updating the functional aspect of each branch – including security – an entrance will be designed that creates a sense of what these buildings, and the organization, mean to the community.  The intention is to unify all the branches with similar elements, but due to the uniqueness of each location, each entrance will connect with that particular building.

Fort Construction would like to congratulate Bart on all the recent recognition he’s received.  It is well deserved.  If you’d like to find out more, you can visit his website at

You can also read the article from the Star Telegram by clicking this link: