Another Fishing Trip … Another Fish Tale


Every year, Fort Construction takes our employees to Lake Texoma for a day of fishing and fun.

We always use Where’s Roger’s Guide Service based in Pottsboro on Lake Texoma. We left the dock around 3pm with 10 boats!

Some of our boats did better than others – a few caught fish over 20” in length. The others caught pretty consistently, so everyone had something to throw in the freezer.

We got back to the dock around 6:30pm, and the owner of Roger’s provided us with a BBQ dinner while they filleted the fish for everyone to take home.

And here’s where the fish tale comes in … we had a money pot for whoever caught the largest fish. Matt Averitt, one of our Superintendents, claimed he caught a fish that was 29.5” in length. However, his boat had already caught its limit and he had to throw it back. Hmmmmm.

While it sounded like a fish story, and we gave Matt a good ribbing, we let him split the pot with the second largest fish caught – and brought back to the dock for proof – by Eugene Warren’s (Superintendent) wife.

It is always important that we show our employees how much we care about them and value them. Our annual fishing trip is just one way we can say thank you for all their hard work.

It was a terrific time and we thank everyone who came and enjoyed the day!