Our Employees: The Key to Our Success


At Fort Construction, we believe the cornerstone of our success is our amazing employees.

Our dedicated employees work in the heat, the rain, and the cold; it’s the nature of construction. They also handle the stress of budgets, deadlines, construction issues, and bosses. With all that (and more), we believe it is essential for our employees to take time off.

I recently read an interesting statistic that even though Americans are given fewer vacation days than any other country, workers have been taking less vacation over the last 15 years. According to a Workplace article from UC Berkeley, 55% of Americans did not take all their vacation days in 2015.

At Fort, we believe time off is a necessity, and a win-win for all involved. Not only does it allow an employee the opportunity to unplug and relax, it keeps them fresh, creative, in better health, and more enthusiastic about their work.

We encourage our employees to take their vacation days, and we have implemented other ways to support our employees:

  • During the summer months, we close our office at 3pm on Fridays
  • We support employees who choose to work with a charity
  • We encourage participation in various charity golf outings
  • We host an annual fishing trip along with other social gatherings throughout the year


We value the people who have chosen to work for us. They are the reason we’re still going strong after 13 years in business.